Latest Awards & Achievements

Clubs and Societies​

For the purpose of identifying students’ interest/potential in the various cultural, literary and sporting activities, the department has formed and enlisted a total of 28 Clubs & Societies to nurture and promote their respective talents. ​



Learning & Study related issues. (For E.g.: Concentration, Exam-fears, memory issues, etc.) 

Personal Difficulties

Personal difficulties/ Mental Health issues (For E.g.: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Coping with the Death of a family member or friend, Anger Management, etc.) 


Social & Interpersonal issues (For E.g.: Family difficulties, Bullying, Strained friendships/relationships, etc.)


Through the process of Counselling (on a weekly basis), the students will be listened to, encouraged and motivated through unconditional support, to reach their goals for better emotional and mental health.

Presidency University is associated with an Online Counselling Service Company called “YourDost”.

The students are also free to approach the Student Welfare Officer/ Student Counsellor, who is available as per the working hours of the University. The Student Counselling Cell is a confidential and safe space for those students who seek support with their emotional, social, psychological and/or mental health.

Individual Counselling, as well as Parental Counselling services, are provided on campus by the designated Student Counsellor. Counselling sessions have a standard duration of one hour, and these sessions are to be booked on an appointment basis, at least one day prior. Student-Counselling covers the scope of three major areas of student life.

Students can avail online Counselling services through the link mentioned below: 

Sports Facilities

The Sporting Activities of the University is also a wing under the Department of Student Affairs. This sub-department looks into the sporting activities of the student body and organization of the same into various games and teams for the University. They also handle the conduct of various student sporting tournaments (both intra university and inter university) which are conducted on an annual basis in the University. It is responsible for planning and organizing these large-scale sporting events. The University provides the following facilities for various sports/games:

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